A 9-step approach to protect your energy and boost your productivity!


How do you feel about your business right this very moment? 
Do you enjoy it? 
Are you fulfilling your passion? Or is it dreary and tough to get out of bed every morning?

Setting boundaries within your business is the key to maintaining your energy and focus. Your energy is also your spirit or your liveliness and when you take on too much work or have clients who don’t meld with your business philosophy, you become stressed, which dampens your energy, thus dampening your outlook on life. 

This 9-step approach will help you create boundaries that will protect your energy and boost productivity! 

What's included?

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Introduction: Why Protecting Your Energy Is So Important
Step 1: Decide What You Really Want
Step 2: Be Honest About What You Don't Want
STEP 3: Set Boundaries With Yourself First
STEP 4: Create policies and stick to them
STEP 5: Identify Your Time Wasters
Step 6: Consider Your Rates
Step 7: Learn To Say No
Step 8: Implement A "No Discount" Policy
Step 9: Journal Your Findings

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I inspire female entrepreneurs to take control of their business so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives. My intensive mastermind training helps women to manage their time and their energy and to build a business and a life that they love!