Your Superstar Business Plan

Writing a superstar business plan means creating a three-dimensional overview of your business. To do that, you need to know what areas of your business need to be covered in your planning. But before we rush ahead with that, let’s first identify what a superstar business plan means to you

When I say ‘business plan’, are you thinking only of brainstorming and identifying your mission and vision? Are you consumed by wondering who you are going to serve and where you are going to fit in within the market? 

Were you thinking more of a purely technical exercise, producing the sort of structured, finance-based plan that is used to attract investors or bank managers?

Or do you really want a complete overview of all these areas, so that you’ve allowed for all stages and won’t be frantically back-tracking, further down the road? 

The best way to decide what type of business plan you need—while totally fool-proofing your business from the start—lies in making sure you correctly identify and take care of all areas that have to be covered… from the most satisfying aesthetic details to the best sort of iron-tight, legal business set-up and structure. 

With the right legal and financial setup, and a solid business plan in writing, you can move forward with confidence to make the most of your business.

Your Superstar Business Plan
Narrow Your Focus and Get Clear On What You Do
Nailing Down Your Best Business Structure
Plan And Schedule Your Daily Routine
Your Financial Planning Basics
Be Deliberate But Flexible