Finding The Best Solutions and Systems

Now that you've nailed down the foundation of your business, let's talk about the systems you’re going to use.

You can handle any aspect of your business systems using any one of three different types of solutions: Automation, Outsourcing and Doing It Yourself.

Most businesses start out with more DIY and move to automate and outsource any system that doesn't benefit from your personal involvement as you grow. Remember, you will make more money and make better use of your time if you focus primarily on those skills that you want to be known for.

The systems you choose will depend on your budget and the tasks and functions your business dictates. Make a list of every task and function that will be part of your business—what you need right now, as well as for the future. As you check out specific automation systems or outsourcing candidates and their unique mixes of skills, you’ll be able to choose: 
  • Systems that integrate as many of these individual tasks and functions as possible
  • Contractors with the most useful combinations of skill sets

For example, if you want an assistant who can not only handle your email list and autoresponder, but also provide customer service, you might prefer to hire a Virtual Assistant who specializes in both these areas, rather than hiring two different assistants.

And if email autoresponder “A” that you are checking out includes compatibility with your Infusionsoft shopping cart, whereas autoresponder “B” doesn’t, you might be more inclined to choose “A”.

When choosing a particular system for your business, don’t just look at features and integration, however: Also consider…

  • Compatibility with your other systems
  • Present needs
  • Future needs 
  • Who is going to be using it (you or a contractor-specialist or assistant)

All these factors will affect your final system choices and the efficiency of your business. 
Finding The Best Solutions and Systems
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