Day 3: Goal Setting

Today we are going to focus on setting goals for the next six months.  

Building on the first two modules, let's look ahead and writing as if you have already accomplished your goals, write about what you will achieve in each of the four areas below. 

From this exercise, you will define  3-5 goals for the next six months. 

As you’re setting your goals, it’s important to remember that they are YOURS and Yours Alone! 

It’s easy to focus on what you think you should be doing. Don’t be tempted to set goals because it’s the popular thing to do, or because it is something that someone else wants or expects of you. 

Action Steps:: 
  • Complete the worksheets below
  • Block off time to map out your plan

The next two modules will help you map out a plan to reach these goals. Do yourself a favor and schedule some dedicated time to work on your plan over the next two days. 

Day 3: Goal Setting
Worksheet: Goal Setting
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