5. Staying Focused

Transformations and growth come from what we choose to focus on and take action on. In the last section, you chose the three goals you will focus on for the next 90 days and the action steps to get there.
Setting 90 Day goals allows you to break the steps down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. This section contains some tips and strategies to stay focused and make sure things get done.

Create a routine

I like to create weekly and daily routines. My week is broken up into theme days: 

  • Monday is focused on client work
  • Tuesday is for writing projects
  • Wednesday’s are reserved for my business and coaching clients I schedule events and mastermind calls on Wednesday
  • Thursday’s focus is client work
  • Friday is for errands and overflow

My day is organized using my ideal day calendar. Click this link to see an example. Each day I have blocks of dedicated time to work on tasks and use the Pomodoro technique to stay productive.

Each block of time is dedicated to a specific task and is scheduled on my calendar the day before. During the scheduled time block, I set a timer for a fixed period based on the task. When the timer goes off, I take a 10 to 15-minute break.

Depending on my day, I complete 3 to 4 blocks of focus work.

Get Accountability

Find a business bestie to help hold you accountable to the goals you have set. You can find one in our private Facebook group or through local networking.

When working with an accountability partner, you should each share an individual report on your goal and results for the week. Then share your intention for the coming week. You should both be open to feedback and suggestions.

As day five draws to a close, take some time now to do a review and see what the biggest takeaways for you have been from doing this challenge.
What transformations and results have you experienced this week (Big or Small)?

What are the biggest lessons you have learned?

Have you had any "Aha" moments?     
Please share your experience in the Facebook group or email Christine@ChristineMorris.com
Remember, this is just the beginning. You’ve got to keep working on yourself and your business every day, always taking action and we can continue to work together in our Academy Mastermind to help you keep the momentum going!

5. Staying Focused
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