Discover Your Why by Christine Morris

Discover Your Why

Building a business and a life with intention and purpose!


So many people wander through life on auto-pilot. When you don’t have clarity on your WHY it makes it really difficult to go through the day and to execute. 

Understanding your WHY is the first step in getting clear on your goals and planning out your next steps. When you clearly understand your WHY you can set goals that are meaningful and achievable so that you can live a life with intention and purpose. 

What's included?

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The Golden Circle
Your Why and Those Gut Feelings
Finding Your Why
Step 1: Gather Your Stories
Step 2: Share Your Story and Identify Common Themes
Step 3: Draft Your WHY Statement
Tips for Finding Your WHY
Tips for Working With A Partner
Bringing It All Together
Defining Your HOWs
Bring Your Why To Life!
Develop Your Action Plan

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I inspire female entrepreneurs to take control of their business so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives. My intensive mastermind training helps women to manage their time and their energy and to build a business and a life that they love!