Feed Your Funnel with Facebook Ads! by Christine Morris

Feed Your Funnel with Facebook Ads!


Keeping a funnel full of prospects and clients is the key to consistent income and a growing business.

For fast, effective, and inexpensive funnel-filling strategies, today’s top businesses are turning to our favorite social network: Facebook.

What's included?

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List Building
Your Fabulous Offer
EXERCISE 1 Design your offer
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Laying The Foundation
Monetizing Your Funnel
EXERCISE 2 Monetize your free content
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What's Next?
EXERCISE 3 Plan your funnel
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Defining Your Target Audience
EXERCISE 4 Your Ideal Audience
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Putting the Pieces Together
Landing Pages and Download Pages
EXERCISE 5: Landing pages
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Your Email Autoresponder
EXERCISE 6: Plan your follow-up
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Now We're Ready for facebook Ads!
Choosing Your Ad Style
EXERCISE 7: Determine your ad style
Your Ad Copy
The Facebook Pixel
Exercise 8 Layout Your Ad
113 KB
Setting Up Your Audiences
Test And Tweak
Checking Your Stats
Editing Your Ads (Do's and Don'ts)
Figuring Out What Isn't Working
Bonus Content:
Guest Expert: Caz WIlson
53 mins

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