Your Weekly Social Media Planner by Christine Morris

Your Weekly Social Media Planner


Your Weekly Social media planner will show you how to organize, automate and systematize a cohesive social media marketing plan for your business. 

This Academy Mastermind Module includes a workbook, worksheets, and a spreadsheet to help you plan and organize all your content in one place. 

 The workbook will walk you through the steps to plan your your social media content using the worksheets included or with the excel spreadsheet included. 

The Spreadsheet can be easily customized to fit your needs and includes the following:  

  • A Yearly Calendar with a larger view of your content and goals 
  • A Monthly Calendar to track content, links and promotion of each item
  • A Weekly Editorial Calendar 
  • A Hashtag Planner
  • A Content Record to track blog posts and other content for promotion
  • A Related Content log for online content to share
  • An Idea Log for future content ideas and offers

What's included?

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Weekly Social Media Planner
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Weekly Social Media Planning Spreadsheet
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